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Rayan Nait Mazi
Rayan Nait Mazi

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OpenCRVS is hiring a PM for its open-source civil registration system

Hello everyone,

My friend Edward Duffus is leading OpenCRVS, an impact startup building an open-source civil registration system.

Their vision is that every person on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth. It's a huge challenge and they are already off to a great start.

I think this is a great opportunity that really shows that you can have a good tech job building something useful for the world :)

The role is remote (you can be based anywhere, but preferably in a Europe friendly time-zone).

You can check out their code repo here:

OpenCRVS · GitHub

OpenCRVS is a digital public good to help achieve universal civil registration and evidence-based decision making in all country contexts - OpenCRVS


If you're interested, please share your CV and a short covering note to by Friday 26th of August 2022.

It's my understanding that they will be opening more jobs soon, possibly tech. I'll keep you updated.
UPDATE: They just opened an Operations Manager role, check it out here

I'll copy-paste the info about the role below

Our mission is to make civil registration easy and valuable for everyone by making high-quality and cost-effective digital systems widely available and sustainable.

We are looking for talented people, looking to push the boundaries of traditional civil registration in favour of new, human-centred digital services designed to leave no-one behind.

Product Manager

About the job

OpenCRVS is looking for an experienced Product Manager to lead the development of our world-class digital civil registration system. The OpenCRVS product is already being implemented in a number of countries and demand is growing - we now need to ensure we respond to the needs of our global customer base and maintain the highest possible quality standards. The right candidate will be able to help us achieve this.

OpenCRVS is an open-source digital civil registration solution designed for low-resource settings. It is central to achieving our vision that all people are recognised, protected and provided for from birth.

  1. Maintain a product vision and strategy that ensures we stay aligned with our mission. (working closely with the founders).

  2. Set and manage the achievement of a set of product OKRs in line with the product and organisational strategy.

  3. Manage the product roadmap and backlog in response to organisational objectives and community requests, considering trade-offs between tech performance, customer experience, and available development resources.

  4. Oversee and coordinate the activities of the cross-functional product team in pursuit of product objectives, including the refinement of our product development lifecycle and release management processes to ensure the delivery of a high-quality, human-centred product.

  5. Foster and grow a global user-group to (i) inform the design of new features and functionality that responds to global needs, and (ii) act as users for user testing purposes.

  6. Develop a comprehensive testing strategy to ensure quality standards are maintained.

  7. Oversee the on-time final delivery of minor and major releases, ensuring that all aspects of the product are complete including documentation, website updates etc.

Experience and skills


  • 5+ years of active product management experience, including end-to-end product delivery and managing cross-functional teams.
  • Skilled in defining a product’s vision and developing a roadmap based on internal and external inputs.
  • Expert in using agile methodologies where design and user-feedback is central.
  • Significant experience working with users to understand their problem domain in order to inform a responsive product design.


  • Experience working with digital products and/or services for low-resource settings.
  • Ability to mock up UI designs using a component library.


Remote (you can be based anywhere, but preferably in a Europe friendly time-zone).

How to apply

If you have the skills and experience described above and are interested in joining our dynamic and impact-obsessed team, please share your CV and a short covering note to by Friday 26th of August 2022.

For qualified candidates, we will propose an introductory call to explain more about the role and understand your expectations to see if we are a good fit.

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