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Leveraging software deals when building Tech for Good

Hey everyone,

A quick reminder that software deals exist and even more so when building Tech for Good :)

I just thought I'd share because Development Hackers is hosted on Digital Ocean and they've been kind enough to give us an extra $250 in free hosting because they like the community we're building.

If you wish to apply for credits to get free hosting you can check out their application form on their website.
It goes up to $500k in credits for non-profit projects in some specific sectors.

The quickest way to get lots of interesting promo codes on software tools and hosting is still to check out our /deals page on Development Hackers. There's even a $5k AWS deal :)

A lot of us start Tech for Good projects in our free time and making money from them is not always as direct as with other work. Reducing costs can always be quickly done and you'll see software providers have a lot of good will.

For example @cecile has been using Glide Apps to create an app without code to help victims of gender-based violence.

It's a great tool that also takes care of cloud hosting and DevOps for you. The basic plan is $25/month but getting into the advanced capabilities is $250/month. That's steep for a new project if you're not making much (if any) money from it.
That's why they're offering non-profits and schools all the benefits from the $250/month plan for the base price of $25/month.

Building tech has never been as quick as it is today, and building tech for good is cheaper still ;)

Take advantage of it.

And please, if you're selling software products or services yourself, do offer some discounts for non-profit projects ;)

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Rayan Nait Mazi

Haha thanks, I've been quite busy with other things too recently but there's lots of posts to be made on DHackers and I'm back at it hehe :)