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Discussion on: Unlimited Access to Tech Experts

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Rayan Nait Mazi Author

Quick update: we started with the first customers and it's going well. A lot of people are interested though the offering has to be made more clear. It's not easily understandable what's included and what's not included in the service. Like, are we available for emergency tickets and can we debug stuff if it's a lot of work? So we've been having these discussions.

I think we'll experiment with a few different subscriptions, for example:

  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Maintenance & Optimisation
  • Both of the above

And perhaps some more operational ones because potential clients have told us that although they're interested in this service, they lack the bandwith to build their own platforms (even with our guidance). So maybe we'll do another subscription where we give some operational muscle !

We've also had people say it's too expensive and others worried we won't be that available for them for such a "low" price. So maybe we'll experiment with a different pricing model.

I'll keep you all updated, cheers :)