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Rayan Nait Mazi

Welcome Rory and nice project!
I don't know much about the non-profit grant system but it looks very time consuming. Are you working on ways to make applying for a grant faster? I'm guessing it must be long to look for them too

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Rory Crew

Thanks Rayan,

This solves a slightly different issue. Orgs of $1.5m turnover often have 15-20 ongoing grants. Some of $7.5k, some of $500k. Each with different grant time periods, currencies, reporting requirements, contract documents and rules.

This solution would help keep all that straight. It's a simple problem, often solved in larger orgs with complex + expensive tools like Salesforce. I've created a lightweight tool for a simple problem.

It will reduce admin time, increase reporting accuracy and allow better + quicker analysis.