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Can your solution disrupt climate change?

Hey everyone !

Just found out about this innovation challenge from the World Food Program (a United Nations agency).

$100,000 in equity-free funding for startups, NGOs, academic institutions or government agencies working on solutions for climate change adaptation and resilience.

The deadline is on June 30th so better hurry up for those of you working on it :)


The priority areas for the challenge are:

  • ANTICIPATE: Pre-positioned finance and preventive action before disasters strike.
  • RESTORE: Nature-based solutions and climate-resilient infrastructure.
  • ENERGIZE: Promoting sustainable energy solutions in schools and communities.
  • PROTECT: Climate risk insurance as safety nets for food-insecure populations.

I know it's a bit late to be posting this challenge but I figured it's always good to share and discuss these things ;)

I'm quite convinced that climate change adaptation is a field with huge potential for those of us who like building with technology.

We already know the minimum level at which we've fucked up the planet and the kinds of problems that will result from it. It's all in the IPCC reports (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, also a United Nations thing).

So we may as well start building solutions for these problems. And we're seeing a lot of new funding for climate tech (we have a few other posts on the forum about getting a job in climate tech).

Let me illustrate what I mean.

For example, we're seeing wildfires everywhere and we know they're getting worse. But for some reason everybody's acting as if it's not going to happen again and we're all scrambling around when it inevitably comes.

GIF of guying saying this is fine while his house is on fire

Turns out that people have worked out predictive models to figure out how wildfires come and evolve, but they lack a lot of the input data to use it for specific situations. Maybe an interesting solution here would be to hack away at community data input solutions, and those could be replicated in lots of places around the globe.

You'd give it to a local municipality and they would ask their citizens to input climate change related data for rewards.

That's just some thoughts here, I'd love to get yours :)
It's good that we're seeing this 100k grant for people working on interesting solutions. I'll try to get info on these upcoming challenges a bit earlier next time.

Don't hesitate to post impact challenges and funding if you hear about any of these. And if anyone's working on climate tech or wants to build something new tell us about it in the comments. I'll try to give you a hand if I can !

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