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Perséphone: How I made the landing page accessible for all users

Hey DHackers!

I wanted to give you some quick updates about new tools I am using to make my landing page more accessible for everyone 🙂

80% of european women with disabilities have suffered gender-based violence. I already wanted to make our website accessible and ADA compliant, but knowing that I really think it is super important to increase Perséphone’s website accessibility.

I did some research and found UserWay tool. It proposes different tools such as accessibility widgets, accessibility scanner, accessibility inspector, accessibility audit, etc.

I am using the free version right now and it already allows to make the website dyslexia friendly, increase the text size, increase contrasts and way more options! Here are some examples:

Image the reading tool that make the website easy to read

Image with the Contrast tool activated that increases the website contrast

Image of the dyslexia friendly tool that changes the text police

And it comes a simple floating button, as you can see in this screenshot with the button with the eye in the bottom left corner of our website

Screenshot of Perséphone's landing page with the floatting button of Userway in the bottom left corner

If you want to integrate this tool to your website, you just have to create an account on UserWay and place the script they give you just before the </body> tag on your website:

Screenshot of the UserWay's code to insert the widget on Perséphone landing page

Then you can change the button color/size/location/etc directly on UserWay without changing the code!

It is super easy to use and I think it is really important to integrate that kind of tools to our websites to include everyone as much as possible 🙂

Hope you will enjoy it too and I would be super happy to answer any of your questions!

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Loïc Berthelot

Wow didn't know about this tool ! Awesome ✨