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Mathilde Guillaumot
Mathilde Guillaumot

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[Ada Tech School] Learning Facilitator opportunity !


I’m Mathilde and I work as Teacher Experience Manager at Ada Tech School.
Our mission is to improve diversity and inclusion in Tech, specially addressing the gender gap in software development.

We are convinced that software development education needs to be reinvented to fit the needs of a wider public and be accessible to everyone.
That’s why we created Ada Tech School : the 1st inclusive and feminist coding-school in Europe.

Based on collaborative and project-based education, we approach coding as a human and creative tool, to empower the next generation of software developers.
You can learn more about us on our website :

In order to support our trainees along their journey at Ada Tech School, we are looking for senior developers to coach them and share their knowledge with them and help them progress and grow !

If you are interested to join us on this educational adventure, have a look at our job description (French speakers only) for this mission based on our Paris campus.

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