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Justin K

Hi everyone,

My name is Justin and I'm working on VirtueVest (

Our mission is to connect non-accredited (e.g., everyday) investors with impact investing opportunities. These include everything from Reg A crowdfunding opportunities to publicly-traded companies to financial advisors. We're starting in the USA for now, but expanding into European opportunities over the coming months.

We just quietly launched our website this month with some of our favorite platforms, but we will be adding a database of ~50 investments/platforms throughout May. We also have a newsletter where we highlight new platforms or opportunities each week along with some advice on making a bigger difference with your portfolio.

I'd love to connect with anyone involved with the impact investing space or hear about any platforms you all may have come across (in case we don't have it on deck).


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Rayan Nait Mazi

Hello Justin, that sounds very interesting !
I'd love to learn more about your plan with VirtueVest and how you want to sustain the project :)
Don't hesitate to make a post about it, I'm sure others would be interested too