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Can You Build Games On The Blockchain?

In this digital era, a growing flow of online games have appeared that have used digital currencies(cryptocurrencies) in one path or another; Yet, even though their increasing frequency, only a few of them have actually used the mechanism of Ethereum or Bitcoin to offer a decentralized gaming experience using blockchain technology.

Really, most of them could go through normal games without flickering anyone, since the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain generally come out more as an addition to the dynamics of games and brand than as a fundamental reformation of them.

And also the online games market is a big platform for business people who are all ready to start their own startups! because overall online app total revenue in 2018 is expected to be an extraordinary US $ 14.55 billion. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.9%, it should reach US $ 16.138 billion in 2021.

Is it possible to build games on the blockchain?

Yes, it is possible to build games on blockchain technology. Blockchain provides a decentralized and secure environment for creating and running games, which can enable unique features and benefits for players and developers.

In addition to the benefits of decentralization and security, blockchain-based games can also provide players with ownership and control over their in-game assets, as well as the ability to earn cryptocurrency rewards or trade items with other players.

So, blockchain game development on top of any blockchain will be profitable for startups and enterprises who wish to start a blockchain-based gaming platform.

Why Choose Blockchain Technology to develop a Game?

Blockchain looks set to change the gaming industry and enable a new path for players and developers to interact with gaming platforms. With nearly 75% of the US & Uk and other countries' people playing video games, and with the gaming platform forecasted to be worth more than $140 billion by the end of the year, how is blockchain set to change the gaming industry?

  1. Gamers will have full control of their digital assets
  2. Players stand to be rewarded for their interaction with video games
  3. Blockchain builds gamer credibility and accountability
  4. Better security for games
  5. Transparent and faster payments to developers and gamers

Blockchain allows business industries to avoid banks/credit & debit cards to transfer money, allows micropayments, and makes your limits much more interesting. The same is true for game developers.

With blockchain, you can launch a stable method of gaming platform with the help of blockchain game developers the Ethereum Game Development Service platform can serve as many marketing tools for game developers who do not have a large budget for such research.

Reshape The Conventional Online Gaming

Another booming concept in the gaming industry is the non-fungible tokens, Developcoins - Frontier NFT Game Development company delivers a thrilling gaming experience for gamers who take gaming as a part and parcel of their life. NFTs in gaming set a new trend to attract the ever-growing gaming industry with the buy, sell & trading options in gaming assets.

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