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Rayan Nait Mazi for Engines of Impact

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Unlimited Access to Tech Experts

Hey everyone !

So I've been leading a small digital agency called Engines of Impact for about a year and we provide a range of tech services for social businesses, non-profits and NGOs.

For a while now, I've been thinking that the usual agency/freelance model isn't always the best when it comes to helping impact organisations, so I've thought of something new: the Unlimited Access model.

More and more impact organisations have become able to start taking ownership of technology and building their own solutions (especially with all the new no-code and low-code tools). They are also becoming more attractive for junior tech talent, with the younger generations giving a lot of value to having a sense of purpose in work.

I think this is absolutely wonderful and it's probably the best way for these organisations to create and grow their impact. But it's not always enough.

Non-techies using no-code tools can only go so far and it takes experience to know how to make the most of it. And though some have managed to attract junior tech talent, I'm not seeing much senior tech talent, and that's probably because the market is so competitive.

So some of these promising organisations can't always do it all themselves, should they hire freelancers and agencies like ours? I feel like it's not the best solution. If they can learn to build 50-80% of their solution, why should they pay us to do 100% of it?

They won't improve their skills, develop their in-house talent and learn to make their solutions evolve when their needs evolve.

So we've thought of an in-between model. Bringing the leadership and technical support of senior talent to these organisations, but limiting the needs for operational work (because that can get very expensive). We call this the Unlimited Access Model.


We'll help these organisations with their strategy, roadmap, mentor their junior talent and even get our hands dirty with small tasks such as debugging or code snippets. All in the name of making them as efficient as possible to develop their tech in-house.

By having our experts not do the core operational work we can give our clients a much cheaper bill too. We thought a subscription model could be interesting. You pay monthly for access to our experts.

It also aligns our goals better, now we have to bring as much value as possible so that our clients would want to keep being subscribed and develop their teams further.

I think that's a bit more interesting than only being having collaboration center on the number of days billed by our agency. Now we'll focus on churn and other SaaS metrics that really puts the customer at the center of our work.

I made a quick landing page for this Unlimited Access Model and I'd love to get your feedback on it.

We also set up a platform to optimise the collaboration process. This makes our team much quicker and efficient at answering any tech request, which provides more value to the client and enables us to take in more clients.
On our side, this means we can take in more clients and lower the price for the subscription too, so it's definitely important.

For those of you that are curious, here's a quick demo of the platform ;)

Finally if any of you are actually interested in trying out our service you can book a call with us.

I'd love to get your feedback on this new model. I think it's worth trying and we're actually going to experiment it with our first clients asap.

What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions on how to make this work?

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Rayan Nait Mazi Author

Quick update: we started with the first customers and it's going well. A lot of people are interested though the offering has to be made more clear. It's not easily understandable what's included and what's not included in the service. Like, are we available for emergency tickets and can we debug stuff if it's a lot of work? So we've been having these discussions.

I think we'll experiment with a few different subscriptions, for example:

  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Maintenance & Optimisation
  • Both of the above

And perhaps some more operational ones because potential clients have told us that although they're interested in this service, they lack the bandwith to build their own platforms (even with our guidance). So maybe we'll do another subscription where we give some operational muscle !

We've also had people say it's too expensive and others worried we won't be that available for them for such a "low" price. So maybe we'll experiment with a different pricing model.

I'll keep you all updated, cheers :)