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Three new inspiring Podcasts !

Hello everyone !

Quick update to tell you three new podcasts are joining in with our community:

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Pulse on the Principles

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The Principles for Digital Development are a set of guidelines meant to help tech-enabled international development programs become more effective and sustainable. “Pulse on the Principles” connects our global network of development and humanitarian practitioners to discuss successes, challenges, and the potential for putting the Digital Principles into practice! Our conversations will cover the intersection of technology and development, examining critical topics such as COVID-19, responsible data, gender and inclusion, and digital literacy.

Check out their cool latest episode on open-source and listen directly from the Development Hackers website:

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IMPACT BOOM - Social Enterprise & Design

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Impact Boom searches the globe to find the people, stories & inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact.

Here I'll recommend their December 2021 episode:

Development Hackers is mostly about inspiring us to use technology for good purposes. Guidance from people who've done so is always extremely useful ! :)


Tech Matters Logo

Long-standing social entrepreneur and Tech Matters founder Jim Fruchterman interviews some of the most insightful social change leaders about using digital technology for good. Listeners will get to dive into lesson-rich case studies and the real-life stories behind them, with themes ranging from: listening to the communities we serve; funding tech4good; data rights and data sovereignty; and much more.

Keeping in line with the previous podcast recommendation, I'll suggest this episode:

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It's an in-depth discussion about the LISTA initiative by Fundación Capital, producing tablet-based financial education experiences for low-income communities, especially women.

It's actually a project that had inspired me to work on my first startup, an EdTech solution for semi-literate entrepreneurs in India. I believe the LISTA app is a great case-study for all of us !

That's all for today folks !
I believe sharing these amazing podcasts is a great way to discover new ideas and understand how we can leverage tech for good. I'll do my best to select the best podcasts and centralise access to them directly from our Development Hackers Podcasts page. The podcasts you choose to follow here will show you new episodes directly in your feed and be sent to you by email if you want to.

Cheers everyone !

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Arnaud Callea

Thanks, very insightful !