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Quick update & Podcasts preview

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update because I have not posted in a while. Just so you know, it's still happening ;)

I took a break for the winter holidays and then was a bit busy with some other work that's already paying. I'm back and fresh as ever !

I've noticed that people keep signing up on our community even though I've not advertised it anywhere. So I might as well talk about what's going on behind the scenes.

GIF saying "Behind the scenes"

I've started the process of the mini-interviews with entrepreneurs that have built succesfull tech companies solving global problems. They'll be added to the interviews page later and posted as posts on the forum. For now the interview page just has some filler :)

I've also started asking podcasters if I can publish their podcast in our podcast page. The tech works perfectly fine and it looks great though, so here's a sneak peek of what it could be like:

Here's the main podcasts page:
Screenshot of the main podcast page

Here's a podcast page:
Screenshot of a podcast page

Here's a podcast episode page:
Screenshot of a podcast episode page

All podcasts are updated live through the RSS feeds, and you can listen to any episode from this website, while checking other posts or doing whatever.

You can also suggest a podcast yourself and manage it from here if you are the owner :)


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