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New Podcast: Aid, Evolved

You can now listen to Aid, Evolved: a podcast about Technology, Poverty and Health hosted by Rowena Luk, directly on Development Hackers.

Here's the description by Rowena:

This is a podcast about doing good, better. It is built around an idea that technology and innovation might help us fight poverty and live healthier lives in the future than we have in the past. We will be speaking with innovators, non-profits, social enterprises, and donors. Our goal is to share individual stories, challenges, and successes to help others understand how technology can be used to better serve those who need it most. Show notes are available at

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It's a wonderful podcast where I've had a lot of inspiration from tech entrepreneurs working important on problems =)

A personal favorite is the interview of Ken Banks and his work on FrontLine SMS, who's actually the person who inspired me to get started with this community.

play pause Aid, Evolved

Enjoy the show !

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