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Hackathons are here !

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone,

At it's core, Development Hackers is about building a Hub for all those interested in helping to solve the world's problems with technology.

Being a hub means centralising all relevant information and possible actions to do so, hence our new feature: the Hackathons page.

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I mean, we've already got the inspiration part figured out with the Podcasts page (adding new podcasts every week) and the Interviews page (still working on it). These should make you even more motivated to use tech for good purposes.

We've also got a page with open data and interactive charts to help you learn more about the problems you want to tackle.

We've even got a software deals page to make using technology as cheap as possible.

The next logical step was to help you get started with your ideas as easily as possible. Thus was born the Hackathons page on Development Hackers. On it we've centralised information about all upcoming hackathons focused on impact, with dates, links to the official website and a custom tag on Development Hackers.

This custom tag is meant to help foster discussions and participation in these hackathons.

For example, there's the MadiroHacks hackathon in late March. It's about solving problems in Global Health and it's going to be completely virtual !
So we created a #madirohacks tag for discussions about this hackathon.

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What we'll do next is contact hackathon organisers to see if they're interested in hosting their official hackathon discussions on Development Hackers. It's a free service and we'll even set up the organisers as moderators on their hackathon tag to let them control the flow :)

I think it's a good way to showcase your hackathon in a public manner and get your brand out there. It would also make it easier for more people to participate. There's really no reason to have separate forums for each impact hackathon when you think about it.

So here's to you people and the impactful tech you'll build with these hackathons !
We've set up a quick form on the Hackathons page if you want to recommend one to add to the list. It's actually quite time-consuming to search for these on the web so we'd appreciate any of your suggestions.

And don't forget hackathons often have prizes too ! ;)

Enjoy !

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