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Rayan Nait Mazi for Development Hackers

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Follow our Twitter account ☝️

Hey everyone !

We just set up a Twitter account for Development Hackers here: @DevHackers

We'll use it to inspire others to join us by sharing stories from the community. It's also a great opportunity to attract more people to Development Hackers :)

Any support in the forms of follows, likes, retweets and comments are super useful !

Next week on Wednesday April 13th will be our public launch sponsored by influencers in the tech and impact industries ! This will make our community visible to hundreds of thousands of tech enthusiasts !

I'll keep you updated !

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Discussion (2)

okhaimiedev profile image
Tony Stark

Joined this community from a discord post I read. Looking forward to adding value in this space.

julien profile image
Julien Cassagne

Argh... I'm tired with some tools and Twitter is one of them. But I understand it's important to "exist on it".
I've deleted all my "web identity" (hmm, not sure about this English version...), after a big change in my life, now I must do it again, the kind of "personal branding", but I'll take really care not to loose to many time on that. It should be productive, not the opposite... ⚡