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Cover image for $500k+ in Software Deals for Development Hackers

$500k+ in Software Deals for Development Hackers

Hey hey hey !

What's better than cool software tools?
Awesome deals on cool software tools.

GIF of guy destroying high prices

Just got around to setting up a Deals page for Development Hackers where you can get access to great things such as:

  • $120,000 in Azure Cloud credits
  • $1,000 in Airtable credits
  • Tens of thousands of dollars of Stripe transactions without fees
  • and much much more

There's hundreds of deals for a total of $500k+ in potential savings for software tools. Check out the Deals page for more information on what the requirements for each deal are. Usually, the software company offering the deal wants you to be a startup of some kind. So this is mostly suited to those of you who are eager to try a new project seriously.

The goal here is the same as with Development Hackers in general: making it as easy as possible for people to leverage technology to solve important problems. Making software cheaper is of course part of this plan !

For now, the Deals page is set up with a partner organisation that let's you connect to various discounts. In the future, we might set this up differently to make these deals even more accessible and interesting for you.

Enjoy ! =)

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