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a DAO to empower humane collaboration

hey all,

DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations based on blockchain technology) are perhaps one of the most owerful leverage points to transform society. Organisations whether corporations, cooperatives, non-profits, or startups as we known them are evolving!
But in which direction they evolve is yet to be decided. We could replicate industrial patterns of extraction and exploitation, or we could build organisations that empower humane collaboration.

We've started a DAO-innovation center to
1) think deeply about how DAOs could operate (researching DAO operations and governance to take into account effectiveness and also externalities and the wellbeing of all satkeholders).
2) Quickly prototype and incubate tools (software and cultural tools) that enable humane processes and values.

You can think about us as a -1 to 1 incubator, where people can onboard into Web3 and DAOs, join research projects to learn and gain a deep understanding of a problem in the space, and form a team and build solutions, finally spin-out into an indepedent DAO.

The community here seems very aligned so wanted to say hi, invite you to learn more, and explore collaborations :)

5 minute summary on RnDAO here

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