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Cool app: "Worldview upgrader" for global facts

I have been playing a lot with the data visualisations from the "Dataviz" section of Development Hackers. It's the best tool I saw for learning about trends in health, education and many other important factors for global development :-)

I checked out the people who created them - Gapminder Foundation - and they also created other cool projects like the "Worldview Upgrader".

It's a web application to test yourself on world facts for each of the sustainable development goals (no poverty, climate action, good health, affordable energy...).

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When you answer a question, they give you a custom answer with more information and sources. It's very well made and fun to use, and also I realised there are a lot of things I don't know about the world and global development. Even the Sustainable Development Goals, I didn't really know about. I recommend everyone to try it, but also I think it can be a big source of inspiration for us technologists who want to build positive projects.

Can we get the people who built the app to give us some comments on the process? I think it's a collaboration between a design agency called Antrop and a development agency called Prototyp.

They both have case studies on their websites, but the design one is in Swedish so maybe use a translator :)

It's projects like this that I want to work on but I don't really know how to get started. It must be difficult to do marketing or distribution for it too. Maybe the people from Gapminder can give us their thoughts!

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Cécile Plaire • Edited

Wow that's super interesting. I really liked playing with the dataviz tool but didn't know about their app. I just tried it and highly recommand! I learned a lot of new things. As you say, it can be a good source of inspiration for the people of this community! Thank you for sharing :)

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When I signed up here, Gapminder was the first thing that came to mind. Their app is amazing. And Hans Rosling's book 'Factfulness' was one of the best I've ever read.

You can download the data as well - I think most of them are licensed under a creative commons license.

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Rayan Nait Mazi

I'm a big fan of the book too and I have 4 extra copies at home to gift to friends haha

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Cool stuff!

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Raphaël Bismut

Thanks for sharing, that was super interesting to do!