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Privacy-friendly website Analytics: it's possible !

A few weeks ago, the French authority that protect personal data, support innovation, preserve individual liberties (the CNIL), explained that the use of Google Analytics for website (and app) analytics was not compliant with the GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) - check the article for more details.

The problem is: we need some analytics for our projects. That's pretty much important to be able to know approximately how much people go on our websites.
So I checked what alternatives we have. I knew Matomo (former Piwik), the historic Google Analytics opensource alternative, but I wasn't satisfied of it for most of my use-cases (it's very complete, but really heavy. Most of the time I don't need so much features, I just need some simple analytics.

Then I found Plausible. They defined themselves as: "a lightweight and open source web analytics. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR. Made and hosted in the EU". And it's still opensource !

So I tried to use it for some projects, and it's look very promising: very easy to install (yeah I like to host it myself, but a SaaS version exists too), easy to use, analytics are clear and understandable and it's not slowing down my websites.

If you're using Google Analytics for your projects, I really invite you to give Plausible a try !

Feel free to reach me if you have questions, or want to try the tool (:


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Lynn Romich

I've used Plausible for a while and I'm pretty happy with it. It clearly doesn't have as many features as something like Google Analytics, but it covers all the basics totally fine, while (obviously) being way better for privacy and having a fraction of the performance impact.

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Joseph Pujol

Thank you very much Antoine!
TBH I had never thought about that.. I submitted the matter at work and they will give it a try. I'll give you some updates about Plausible but it looks very promising :)